All in a Day’s Work

Total Spent: 1,959,350 Gold

Total Earned: 11,560,000 Gold

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Gotta love the new 1.0.4 Legendaries!

RNG still wins. Max Discipline on a 2-handed sword that Demon Hunters can’t even equip. Why would it even roll!? BECAUSE DIABLO!

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DiabloProgress Launches, Gives Players a Leaderboard… Kinda

With the introduction of the Diablo 3 Armory, Blizzard has supplied an API to allow website developers to grab information from the Armory and display it for its own purposes. A website called DiabloProgress was created, in a way to show how your character stacks up against the rest of the world’s Diablo 3 players. Out of curiosity, I headed over to the site and punched in my Battletag to add my character to the database to see where I stood. Initially, my DPS ranking was in the top 50, which surprised me since every piece of my gear also has Magic Find on it.

I did some quick research and realized that the API has a 3000 request-per-day limit, which means that while DiabloProgress is aggregating a great amount of data, it’s relying on users to add their Battletags in order to get more. So while it’s the best thing we have out there, it’s not as comprehensive – yet. Given a few more weeks, it should be quite the complete site and it’ll be interesting to see how users stack up against one another at that point.

I noticed that almost all of the highly ranked Demon Hunters had Sharpshooter enabled when their profile was added, so I did the same to see how my Sharpshooter damage ranks with the rest of them. I’m pretty sure my ranking has already been bumped down since I took the screenshot, but I was surprised to even be #30 in Americas. A quick scan of all the players above me showed that none of their gear had Magic Find on it.

The creator is working on showing unbuffed damage, which is nice. I suggested that they work in some sort of formula that pulls profiles that have more than 100% Magic Find to see how high DPS can get while you’re in actual Magic Find gear. To me it’s pointless to farm without Magic Find, even if you have some astronomical amount of damage. I’d rather get triple the drops and kill in half the time.

Look! I’m on the first page of the Diablo 3 rankings… well, probably not anymore.

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Because Diablo Demon Hunter: 100K DPS, 187 Percent Base Magic Find, 30K Health

Alright, sorry for the lack of updates. We decided to spend the better half of this week farming our heads off so we could ‘complete our gear sets’ so we could go back to listing all of our loot on the RMAH. My personal goal was to hit 100K DPS (non-Sharpshooter) on my Demon Hunter while maintaining at least 175-percent Magic Find and 30,000 health. It took some clever manipulation of the gear set that was in my original post, so I decided to just write a new post with my current gear with an explanation and cost for each piece. A lot of the content will be copy/pasted from the previous post since I didn’t change all that many pieces.

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Diablo 3 PVP – Because Diablo Style

At some point in time, Blizzard forsake its “ready when it’s ready” mantra and decided to announced that Diablo 3 would ship sans Player vs. Player (PvP). Now obviously that wasn’t a major deal breaker since it still sold millions of copies, but there was nothing better in Diablo II than having someone join your game, you flagging PvP and taking that player’s ear. So now that we’re over two months post release and Blizzard still hasn’t incorporated PvP, and it’s clearly not coming anytime soon, Because Diablo decided to invent its own PvP.

Watch the video to see how it unfolds.

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Because Diablo Goes Magic Find Farming with MF Whores – 246.5 Percent Average Magic Find

Here is a four-man run with our DPS Barbarian, my Demon Hunter, and our two MF Whores – Wizard and Monk. Yes, that Monk farms with 1K DPS and we do just fine! Check out all the rares that drop with the high average magic find.

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Because Diablo Demon Hunter Gets a New Helm!

After what seemed like weeks of staring at helmets on the auction house, one popped up today that I knew I had to get.

It showed up for 50,000,000 gold minimum bid, and 50,000,000 buyout. I had to borrow some gold to get it, but it was well worth it. Compared to my Andy’s, it pushed my damage from slightly over 90K to 93616.70, not to mention the extra 3% Crit Chance and the +4% Life that pushed me over 30,000 hit points.

Up next will be swapping out my Crit Chance ring for a Crit Damage ring, and then tweaking my bracers. A slight weapon upgrade should hit my goal of 100K DPS. Stay tuned!

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The Because Diablo Magic Find Farming Monk: 1K DPS (Yes, 1K) / 301 Percent Base Magic Find

Since our DPS Barbarian and my Demon Hunter can easily farm Act II Inferno’s Vault of the Assassin, we tasked two of our other members to get as much Magic Find as possible. One of our ‘MF Whores’ is a Wizard, and the other is a Monk. Since this isn’t his main character, we told him to simply stack +Vit and +Magic Find items and to break 300% Magic Find. The result is a Monk that does a massive 996.61 DPS and sports 301% base Magic Find. The Monk was chosen for his utility, helping keep the Demon Hunter buffed and giving extra damage all around.

His current build is:

  • Deadly Rich / Piercing Trident
  • Tempest Rush / Tailwind
  • Mantra of Conviction / Overawe
  • Breath of Heaven / Infused with Light
  • Serenity / Tranquility
  • Inner Sanctuary / Forbidden Palance


  • Fleet Footed
  • Chant of Resonance
  • Guiding Light

Hit the break to see a gallery of his gear.

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